dam good time

hee hee hee (me laughing at the title).  and i wasn’t the only one laughing.  the kids took every opportnity to name the thing they were building.

looking over the dam

it’s hard to imagine that a couple of days ago it was warm enough for this.

dam time

dam building

and i realized that i need it to get warm.  i need these options to be a better mother.


i stood in the street to “protect them” from the late afternoon traffic.

dam building

but that also kept me from taking over the project.  even if i saw the leaks before them, they eventually saw them too.

brother laughing at sister

given all the yelling and fighting and bullying that goes on, this was a nice retreat.  i was happy for them. one of them commented that this dam building was like one of the little segments on pbs.  i made movies and there was laughter (!!!) as they forgot their lines, etc.  it brought back memories of all the commercials we used to make up when i was a kid.

dam beginning

yeah, all in all and damn good dam was built.

final product

9 thoughts on “dam good time

  1. oooooooo – fond memories of gutter play!
    those were the days for sure!!

    i am glad that you got this respite
    and reminder of what’s to come
    to help you last until it does!!


  2. Awesome. i love moments like that, when they come up with stuff that really captures all their creative energy.

    And I love when you get to say “dam” a bunch too.

    Can I just tell you how much my kids love when I make pork. They go nuts making “butt” jokes. “Oh mama! Your butt is HUGE!” “Wow! That butt smells good!”
    “Nobody’s but is as good as Mamas butt!”
    Cracks their can every single time. I’m always scared someone’s going to choke on their butt for all the goofy laughing going on!


  3. i think if i had seen these pictures 12 years ago, I would have guessed that they were your kids. . . enjoying the good earth and water with that kind of freedom.


  4. Ah, I remember doing this in Florida after a storm. Here in the northwest, it seems the sewers are too efficient. We never have water flow like that! A few days ago, the city was flushing the water lines, and the gutters were full of water. I remember looking at it with vague recall and familiarity, and I didn’t remember why until I saw your post.

    Your kids are so beautiful and happy!


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