i love that this incense is called joy-calm.  and that all the sticks and cones are mini.  micah got it for his birthday.


even though we were taking turns being sick, joy-calm was here.  i was somewhat frantic to find my camera to record the joy-calm…maybe because it was such respite from the cranky-chaos.

the kids were all sick sunday morning so i went to church alone.  after a night of rain (and a tornado warning!!!!!) the sunday sun seemed extra brilliant.

grass turning green

morning puddle

church colors

seriously, our grass turned green over night.

grass turning green

micah bought these ceramic houses at the thrift shop with this plan in mind…to make them look like they were on fire.  i prefer to think of them as housing a cozy fireplace.

chimney smoke ii

smoke supplies

chimney smoke

i was an active participant in the cranky-chaos after church.  the younger two were clearly feeling well enough to do something.  and something helpful was my insistence.  i wasn’t feeling healthy enough to express joy-calm.  but with the promise of screen time, they cut and unraveled all the fabric from their birthday chairs.  it was really quiet for a few moments…the concentration of something new.
birthday chair scraps

birthday chair scraps

i have no plan for these scraps, but i couldn’t throw them away.  and  this eliza’s new “four” smile.
birthday chair scraps

may you all have joy-calm moments too.


5 thoughts on “joy-calm

  1. i saw those houses at the thrift shop! i thought….what would i do with those? they were meant for micah. :)

    at this second my kids are yelling back and forth. annie just yelled “STOP WhiNiNG like ME!!” oops.

    love the green photos. i feel the spring in them.


  2. joy-calm . . . ahhh . . . we’ve got our own today – home with Evan. He’s got the crud. So once we quieted the cough we’re able to enjoy the sound of freezing rain on the sky lights and hot tea.

    Have you ever tried campfire-memories? (pine needles incense)

    time for a warm bath . . .


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