got our wheels on


i guess it was my idea to wear crazy clothes….i thought it was naomi’s.

cupcake party by you.

in this discipline of mine to allow her to find her own way, i shuddered a bit. she gave me a detailed memory of the day that she said she would wear crazy clothes to the roller rink and i said, “what do you think about everyone wearing crazy clothes?”

i guess it was my idea.

waiting by you.

we had a wonderful time with friends skating in a space that looks exactly like it did in the 70s (we know that because some of the adults were skating there as junior high kids!!!).

toy shop

roller rink

we ate and listened to a mixed tape…er, CD…and skated round and round and round (except for eliza who ran)…

candles lit ii by you.

rolling feet by you.

rollin supper.JPG

after the roller skating party naomi said it was “cool” to have friends who will wear anything and grown ups who will be with the kids.

candles lit by you.

i agree.

i will take cupcakes to preschool tomorrow…and then our birthday celebrations are officially complete.

6 thoughts on “got our wheels on

  1. I feel like I travelled back in time! Isn’t it wonderful when your kids tell you exactly how they are feeling right at the moment they are feeling it? Do you know what I mean? I love it when they are in the moment and they know just how wonderful that moment is! Happy Birthday!


  2. how crazy is this….annie and i walked past the roller rink yesterday adn peeked in the door just like your kids. i said “we need to go here. you’d love it. why haven’t we ever gone? soon we will” i have never heard anyone talk about going there. and now one day later i see you were there. :)

    it sounds like a really fun time.
    love lizzie’s feet.
    so familiar.


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