i can’t bake cake and my son loves guns

i think i’ve held a pretty clear notion that a good mom doesn’t have a son who loves guns so passionately…and that if she did have that son she’d be able to douse him with so much love, affection and logic he would turn away from it…she would never have that kind of toy in her house….because there would be no interest for it.  then after the dousing of love an affection, she’d whip up a cake that would taste like home.

not this mama.

guns and books.JPG

i have a gun on a stack of library books and bought cake mix (after two failed attempts at cake from scratch).


humbled again. and again. and again.

16 thoughts on “i can’t bake cake and my son loves guns

  1. i have a little gun lover in my house, too. we just have a rule that there is no shooting people . . .

    and i’ve made some cookies using boxed cake mixes lately – they just go SO fast!

    you’re still a good mom. :)


  2. being a good mom is SO MUCH more than baking a cake! of course you knew that already. your kids are so lucky to have been given you as their mom. you are awesome! and the gun thing….i have a gun lover too. i have to say that it was a stronger interests for him when he was younger but it’s such a testosterone thing that there’s no fighting it!!! i just tell myself that target practice has got to be teaching some hand/eye coordination or something a i feel better


  3. Umm, little confession here that I don’t think helped your cause any . . . Micah and Ben and I spent about 20 minutes oggling cap guns at ALCO a couple of weeks back and I may have just happened to share a fantastical story or two of playing The Lone Ranger from the good ol’ days . . . sorry I forgot to tell you about that . . .


  4. Oooh, I know.. I know… The other day I saw Sophie point her finger at me and go “pew!” I chose to pretend it didn’t happen.

    My non-Mennonite but very peaceful husband has blessed me time and time again with perspective. He is enrolling his almost-11 year old in a gun class so that if Riley is around a real gun, he’ll know the power of it – and how to be safe. In the case of guns, I’m not so sure that ignorance is bliss. The result of not knowing can cause such hurt.

    (I just wish we didn’t have them at all)


  5. i have 4 gun lovers…
    yes four – my 2 year old has definitely joined the gang

    who also love to love to build houses for their webkinz
    and worry if they don’t have covers at night
    or enough food to eat

    who love to hide outside to see what wildlife they can see
    and capture with my camera

    who love to plant
    and foster what growth we can
    before said wildlife decimates anything we’ve managed to grow

    who always think to get something for their brothers
    when they get birthday/holiday/special occasion money

    tho’ they are not fans of school all the time
    they love learning about machines, and science, and history
    and having bedtime stories read to them

    what i’m saying is gun loving is only one small part of who they are
    and i KNOW that’s the case with micah
    i’ve seen his creations, his care for your animals
    his love of the really boring game of chess (which my gun lovers also play)
    he’s sooooo much more than guns

    and i truly believe
    that no matter what we do
    if they have the desire to play guns
    they will

    so i just continue to expose them to other things
    and talk about the reality of guns when the opportunities arise
    and let them PLAY to their hearts content

    (sorry this got so long – maybe i should have just made a post of my own!)


  6. oh – and i think making a cake from a box IS making a cake
    you didn’t buy if from a store already made, right?
    so you made it!


  7. can’t a cake from a box be a cake that tastes like home?
    i don’t make cakes from scratch….at least very very rarely. they take forever.
    cake mixes are a blessing. :)


  8. Baking box mix cake IS definitely making cake…Duncan Hines has never done me wrong!!

    And about the guns, as my sister-in-law and I always say, “you get what you get” and you love ’em to bits in spite of it.
    My Samuel, not at all, but his little brother on the other hand is one serious weapon loving guy! What can ya do?


  9. My dad told me a story about a cousin of mine (whom you also know well and lives in Lawrence) liked guns when he was growing up. He told his mom one day that he wanted a gun so that he could go hunting for a bear and make roast beef.

    He turned out alright. :)


  10. Our cake was from a box this year too. And they loved it.
    My youngest (he’s FOUR) carried a pocket knife to Sunday school. My husband, God love him, didn’t even TRY to explain that was a gift from the uncle he adores and mostly he uses it to clean under his fingernails (a good thing!) and that it has been ground down to such a height of dullness that it would not cut a wet paper bag. Nope, he just said, “Oh, sorry about that. We’ll leave it in the car next time.”
    I’m sure we’re all the talk.


  11. I have lived a life of trying to keep toy guns away. But then I might have bought all three kids their own Wild West pop-cork rifles down in Knott’s Berry Farm last year. I rather loved the rebellious feeling I had watching my 15 month old girl wield a weapon.

    Oh, and if your cakes aren’t turning out, try replacing your baking soda. I learned the hard way one birthday with lots of tears and a last minute box cake. My soda wasn’t exactly expired, according to the date, but new baking soda fixed the problem.


  12. Look at it this way: If there weren’t guns and failed cake baking attempts, you may never have had occasion to hear all these wonderful reflections and receive all this support from such a wonderful community of friends. Wow!

    I confess to have enjoyed more than a few target practice sessions with a BB Gun and a friend outside Steinbach, Manitoba. Fun, fun, fun. I am confident that your love, your values, your boundaries will go much further than any prohibition can.

    You were humbled? I was humbled — and delighted — just in the reading of this post. I cheer you on.

    (Brad’s post? LOL!!!)


  13. When my son was 3 he was obsessed with guns too. I refused to buy them but when he got birthday money, that’s what he bought- a cap gun. I can assure you that now at 16, Noah is very peaceful. He listens to Bob Marley, has dreads and is a war protester and speaker for the trees. Funny how things work out.


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