rainbow time

rainbow color wheel

it was give-away sunday at church, r week at preschool, and time to get ready for naomi’s and eliza’s birthdays.

rainbow church

rainbow times

all involve rainbows.

rainbow color wheel

we’ve been eating (thanks to a preschool mama), wearing (thanks to megan and my pajamas), painting and singing rainbows (thanks to 33 preschoolers’ help).

rainbow times

thank you, megan

rainbow times

eating a rainbow

rainbow jammies

rainbow color wheel

though for the record, i did wear a black shirt every day.

rainbow toes

11 thoughts on “rainbow time

  1. World-class, I say — WORLD-CLASS!!!

    These shots are amazing. Each one is as stunning as the next. I love the name of the fruit one: “Eating a rainbow.” Eliza’s hand reaching in on the “rainbow color wheel” reminded me of the energy in Michelangelo’s “Creation.” How’s that for catapulting your work into the stratosphere?




  2. Thanks for this brightness today (on morning that reminds me it is still February.)

    And just for the record, I think your personality is enough of a rainbow, that the black shirt will always work just fine!


  3. zachy wishes he
    could have one of those aawesomes!
    or all of those awesomes!!
    (while looking at your color wheel pics!)

    i could devour this whole post!

    just what i needed on a rainy day!!


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