remember this?

maybe it’s because we had carob chips instead of chocolate chips and homemade yogurt and applesauce instead of store bought.

but i loved the days each school year that we got these.

"plaque disclosing tablet"

the grossly pink, slighty bitter but sweet taste.
new toothbrush by you.

micah’s turn.
pink dentist tablets

checking the pink

a very busy (and small) bathroom for some toothbrushing action.

brushing time

blockade by you.

i loved those things, though now they kind of give me the willies.

:: :: :: :: :: ::

p.s.  i couldn’t help but copy these fish.  you can even feed them when you click on the water.  oh, good times.

5 thoughts on “remember this?

  1. I hope i didn’t just kill your fish by over feeding them. I must have fed them and watched them swim around for a good five minutes! Lets hope they are just REALLY full! :)


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