i wonder

i read something tonight that reminds me of myself.  thank you, grace.

One of the things that I did to successfully combat the depression was to use photography to draw myself back into my daily life, from which I had become so distant. And then, of course, sharing a bit of that here, in this space, with all of you. Your support, enthusiasm, and the many new friendships I gained, all became such a surprising and lovely part of my healing process.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

amen. while i rejoice that my daily life is much easier than it has been, that i am not watching the clock and wondering how to pass the hours, that i can eat without concentrating on chewing, that i can roll over and gladly fall asleep, that my mind does not spin with irrational fears, that i don’t feel the prickly sting of anxiety on the back of my neck, that i don’t feel the swirl of uncertainty in my belly,  i wonder.

afternoon sun by you.

i wonder how much this photographing and putting it out there has kept me.  how seeing the stills of my day keeps me in my day.  how sharing it makes it wider than it was.  there is so much i want to remember.

cozy sunny corner by you.

and remembering joy brings me joy.

so to you who read here…whoever you are, thank you for participating in this discipine of joy.

11 thoughts on “i wonder

  1. I have not thought about the extent to which taking pictures pulls me into my day, but I definitely use it to notice things that might otherwise escape my notice.

    Looking at your photographs today I think I should make banners for Ada in purple and blue.


  2. Looking and reading and loving this yet again. Thank you for giving yourself so thoroughly to the “discipline of joy.” I feel some sermons coming on. :-)


  3. Your blog is a gift. I always know that your images and words will right my thought when I stray from appreciating of this wonderful life.


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