that’s fan-ti-bi-buhl. the greatest amusement park in town (nevermind the only).


created by 9 kids during small group. amazing detail. a seating area for adults (oh, how i wish we would have known these seats were waiting…there were 8 adults and 2 toddlers who would have filled them). things to climb up and over, on and through. this was created mere hours after i expressed an interest to clear our yard of junk (jerry has not smiled so big in a long time).

fanitbible kids
fanitbible entrance by you.

fanitbible slide by you.

fanitbible play area by you.

fanitbible sign by you.

fanitbible course by you.

fanitbible detail

fanitbible football under crate
fanitbible seating by you.

fanitbible jump

fanitbible mat by you.

now the plea is to please leave this up until the grass grows. please.

it is quite a good work out.

for mind, body and soul, i think.

4 thoughts on “fantibible

  1. You know, sometimes wishing for an audience is better than having one.
    How wonderful, the energy and imagination of our children.
    I cheer them on from afar.
    Can’t wait to be with you all.

    Much love, Dad


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