creature of habit

friends have pointed it out.

it’s obvious on the wash line outside.

my kids ask why.

i try to vary the theme.

strange because i love rainbows.

these are my clothes hanging to dry.

the ones in the dryer look the same.

creature of habit.JPG


the comfort of the familiar is strong.

5 thoughts on “creature of habit

  1. What you did not include in this picture, is all the whacky bright clothes you wear to preschool….like the bright yellow sweat pants I saw you in this week…and the bright green hoop earrings, and the Orange sesame street T-shirt….perhaps you are so full of color at work, your home wardrobe is toned down.

    For those that don’t see you everyday….don’t be deceived!


  2. I know what you mean- I just returned to work after 10 years as a stay at home mama and had to go clothes shopping. I am excited at the prospect of dressing more creatively than in my usual jeans and t-shirts, but am admittedly clueless!


  3. I can identify. I often buy 2 or more of the same shirt when I find one I like. I guess other people might think that strange.


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