rain down

oh, there are families mourning all over the globe. the one here in our town doesn’t easily leave my mind.  i don’t know this baby at all, but when i dare to imagine this course of events, my whole being jolts.

wet morning sun

we woke to rain which was soothing.  my favorite weather.  the sky was weeping…yet nourishing the ground…and maybe lifting the burn ban (micah’s hope).

morning drop

my family has respoken the words of a friend many times.  he spoke of the cruel mercy of time.  his baby had died but the sun still rose and set and rose again.

the sun has been rising and setting for us while so many are enduring pain and loss and fear and hopelessness.  still we can tether that out there and relish in play doh and cuddles, friends and community.

pizza playdoh.JPGsisters.JPGmoon chaserpizza making.JPG

intergenerational sunday school jan 09 - 03

morning playdoh.JPG


blessed be.

3 thoughts on “rain down

  1. I am with you. My heart feels open and raw just thinking about Cora. Everything is sharper, deeper, sweeter, more intense. My mind just spins thinking about them and then looking at AJ. My mind, my heart and my faith are just too small to comprehend. Thank you for the images.


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