brother love

i’m so glad you were born.

70s new brother joy

thank you for making me laugh, thank you for your companionship (even though i said your hair smelled like ketchup and we fought like dogs and i was bossy), thank you for sharing your talents with the world, thank you for loving us back.

70s school by you.

70s living by you.

70s first day of school

2001 meeting micah

70s folk

happy birthday.  we’ll toast you tonight.

70s joy by you.

9 thoughts on “brother love

  1. i love these pictures…how sweet. i want a brother. can i borrow yours?

    i can’t believe how much your kids look like you and your brother.


  2. Kristin – I would have sworn those pictures were Naomi and Micah if I hadn’t known better. Wow, the resemblance is absolutely amazing!


  3. Hey! We were with you when the school pictures were taken and were sooooo proud of you all! Kristin, you went into the school and we stood outside with Jon! He was the only kid with white hair. The kids called out to him — “Hi Whity!” or something like that.
    We love you all Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi


  4. What an incredible post! Really amazing! In the picture of you with your dad, you’re holding the doll and your brother with the uno cards . . .I HAD THAT SAME BROWN CHAIR!!! I bought it when I was first out of college in the 80’s (ok maybe it wasn’t the same chair, but it looked JUST THE SAME). I think I paid about $5 for it and I loved it!


  5. All I know to say is THANK YOU! I’ve probably looked at this post a dozen times by now. Each time I get a lump in my throat. This father’s heart is deeply moved by the love fostered, maintained and grown by your wonderful care of relationships. Amazing!

    Much love to all!



  6. Very, very sweet! The school picture at the DDC made me smile. I clearly remember playing hopscotch just outside that door.


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