wishing that if it has to be this cold it would snow.

“like at preschool, mama?”

huh?  about to enter into a conversation about locations, cities, weather patterns, etc., she said again, “you know, like it snowed all week at preschool?”

recycled snowman - 5

glue top nose snow people - 1 by you.

2" snow people

oh, i get it.  and i love these snowy friends from last week.

again, i’m grateful to be heading out to a place where a schedule works, where color abounds, where there are no time outs,  where there are no screens, where conversation topics can be easily guided, where we’ll paint and glue and cut, where i can open a cupboard and make something new.

but still, i would welcome something falling from the sky.

2 thoughts on “cold

  1. Wow. Okay, so I’ll try to appreciate all the snow outside my window. We’ve had over 100 inches this season, I believe, and I hate to admit that I am pretty much tired of snow. Of course, when I think about not having it then I’m glad I do.


  2. Just think of all the cool stuff you could do with your kids if you lived here… – 20-something degrees… – 40 wind chill… you can spit and it freeze and crackle before hitting the ground… blow bubbles (like the bottle and stick kind) and be able to actually hold the bubbles since they’ll freeze… eating ice cream outside that feels much warmer compared to your surroundings…


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