home painting

micah has amazed us at his love of chess.  only a short time ago did we buy a checkers set and find chess pieces included.  reading the instructions, we muddled our way through…til daddy got home.  since then it has been chess with great uncles and mama’s cousins and neighbors and the dads of neighbors.  i wish i had a picture of him at a “goodbye george bush” party we went to.  while playing horseshoes (that had bush’s face on either stake…hee hee hee hee hee), he had his chess set in one hand waiting for someone to play.

i delight in this because when he plays chess he is still.  still in body and spirit. he thinks at least two moves ahead.  he plays offensively (unlike me who from my first move is trying to stay out of check).  he remembers what the pieces are called.  all alone he moves pieces on the board making up scenarios.  then during a game he’ll encourage me to “just move your bishop there.”  i’ve learned not to.

home painting time - 02

home painting time - 03

so oh, joy, to have mama bring home some thrifted wooden odds and ends.  i don’t know what these were intended for, but i saw a chess set.  naomi saw candle holders.  eliza didn’t see them.

painting chess pieces

micah ended up with one painted set and one “natural” set. naomi ended up with a rainbow of mini candle holders.

home painting time - 01

3 thoughts on “home painting

  1. Micah — how I would love to play chess with you today. I’m lonely for you and your whole family. Hope we get to see you soon. Love you all soooooooooo much.

    Tomorrow I head to Libertyville (north east of Chicago) to confer a “Ministry License” on a new pastor. Cyneatha is the speaker at a youth retreat at Menno Haven (west of Starved Rock) — that means Mom is “home alone.” Keep her in prayer.

    Love you all!



  2. My kids love to play chess! My husband taught them last year and they have been having a great time ever since! So great for their growing minds. Have a good one!


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