10 thoughts on “first time in my life

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!

    “Lift every voice and sing.” Did this really happen?

    Finally a reason to be thankful again. I am so comforted to hear a different tone — a more eager spirit — the anticipation of something new.

    Love you,



  2. I get it. I completely understand.

    I nearly went out and bought one myself on Monday. In the end, time, kid-restraints, etc. stopped me. Instead I went to our local Democratic Headquarters and bought a “HOPE” poster. Even though I will show it off in my house, instead of on my front porch, it still makes me feel just as proud.

    To hope!


  3. Hi!
    I [Opa] have just sent you a copy of my dream … We enjoy the stories, especially on the chess activities. Keep going … Love you so much.


  4. I never thought I’d consider a flag. I’d have thought you were crazy, but now it does seem right. It seems to mean something different than it did just weeks ago. Strange.


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