first time in my life

first ever by you.

10 thoughts on “first time in my life

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!

    “Lift every voice and sing.” Did this really happen?

    Finally a reason to be thankful again. I am so comforted to hear a different tone — a more eager spirit — the anticipation of something new.

    Love you,



  2. I get it. I completely understand.

    I nearly went out and bought one myself on Monday. In the end, time, kid-restraints, etc. stopped me. Instead I went to our local Democratic Headquarters and bought a “HOPE” poster. Even though I will show it off in my house, instead of on my front porch, it still makes me feel just as proud.

    To hope!


  3. Hi!
    I [Opa] have just sent you a copy of my dream … We enjoy the stories, especially on the chess activities. Keep going … Love you so much.


  4. I never thought I’d consider a flag. I’d have thought you were crazy, but now it does seem right. It seems to mean something different than it did just weeks ago. Strange.


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