m is for martin

m is for martin

as is often the case, i am fed by the genuine moments at preschool.  (see more m is for martin goodness)

january 0809 - 33

when the simplest story of dr. king absorbs them.


when children grasp a new understanding of “fairness.”

january 0809 - 35

when i am blessed to hear one child say to another, “i am so glad we can go to preschool together.”

january 0809 - 11 by you.

me too, sweet ones, me too.

5 thoughts on “m is for martin

  1. Hi! After reading your comment to Binky, I showed him your page and he said right away he wanted to make the Martin Luther King face like your class did! They are so great! Thanks for checking us out!!!


  2. I love that you give your preschool kids experiences like these! Some might think they are too young to learn about history, but you know that now is just the right time.


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