separate together

perhaps my whole life i’ve been happiest when we are all together.  when there is a common goal.  when there is enthusiasm and commitment to getting it done.  when there is no preoccupation with what else could be happening.  i sure don’t succeed at this all the time in my life, but i recognize the feeling…especially when it isn’t happening…especially with my kids.

incense healing (?)

i am made for my occupation.  when i can have a gaggle, a herd, a cluster of little bodies all ready to engage together.  when our time apart is really just feet away from each other and the play will merge at any moment.  when we all find rolling a ball down the slide exciting, listening to ella sing “follow the leader” silly, watching a friend transform his show and tell toy over and over fascinating, the bell to be a magical signal to come.

h week 0809 - 07 by you.

snow blanket girls by you.

hallway by you.

d is for dinosaur 0809 - 03 by you.

at home we often scatter and i feel a pull to each of them.


i can also find myself wandering in the quiet…it doesn’t come often yet, but i think i will know more and more silence as time goes. i rejoice in the moments when they are settled in their own corners.  i swell in the moments that we are together…going on a walk, making a fire, playing with clay, watching brady bunch.

field runner.JPG

separate.  together.

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