losing our marbles


well, i thought they were lost.  little did i know that micah was intentionally storing them in the spot where the wood floor meets the plaster wall (where is baseboard usually is….ours is waiting to be repaired).  good thing, because his present from uncle jonny and auntie tricia arrived.

marble run

this toy invites a kind of patience that i love to see in children.  good thing we know where our marbles are.


7 thoughts on “losing our marbles

  1. ooh – i want that toy! i wonder if my kids would play with it :) and i know all about that space where the baseboard should be. we have a few of those spots that are filled with treasure, among other things.


  2. mmm…we also have those spaces – if only i’d known they were actually for storing the marbles – i could have saved all that time fishing them out…over and over and over!
    and i did a double take – i saw cj’s soccer shoes…then i wished that they were his and he was sitting there playing with that cool toy while we had some yummy coffee! :)


  3. Thank you for the pics … It looks like fun, Micah. If and when you lose your marbels, it is good to lose the little round ones. The real marbels are behind your eyebrows… these we must not lose. Have fun and a wonderful day! Omi / Opi.


  4. what is that toy?
    where could find it? :)
    we also have a few marble hiding spot in our old house. one day carrie and danelle cleaned it all out with a vacuum attachment (that i didn’t even know we owned!) and now it’s all full again.
    love that picture above of lizzie? in the field.


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