christmas blessings

how was your christmas?

as the days pass, more and more details blur together into the simplicity of good….

christmas food  - 3

in sorting the hundreds of images, i am reminded of the blessing of food (plenty, plenty, plenty is all that can be said).

christmas food  - 6

christmas food  - 1 by food  - 2 by food  - 5christmas food  - 4

the blessing of gifts.  because of traveling, we opened presents in spurts for over a week.  today eliza woke up and said, “who will give me a present today?”  i’m inspired by barack and michelle who joked in an interview that everyday is christmas for their girls:  a place to sleep and food to eat.

christmas giftschristmas gifts - 1 by gifts - 2christmas gifts - 3christmas gifts - 4christmas gifts - 6

the blessing of traveling safety despite the vomiting, the ice, the snow and alternator-going-out car sounds.
christmas travel - 6christmas travel - 5christmas travel - 2christmas travel - 3christmas travel - 4christmas travel - 7christmas travel - 1

the blessing of playing games with freshly-remembered relatives may be my children’s most fond memories.
christmas games - 6christmas games - 5christmas games - 4christmas games - 3christmas games - 2christmas games - 1

the blessing of furry friends was upon us.  cuddling oma and opas new puppy still brings giggles when we remember him.  sally is a wonderful travel companion.  we saw marley and me (i had to control myself not to HOWL) and loved it…so many familiar moments.

christmas dogs - 7christmas dogs - 6christmas dogs - 5christmas dogs - 4christmas dogs - 3christmas dogs - 2christmas dogs - 1

the weather we experienced was only a blessing.  we escaped slipping or crashing.  naomi got her tongue off the back fence on her own.  it was cold enough to see frozen waterfalls.  it was warm enough to explore more of papa’s piles as cousins.

christmas weather - 01 by you.

christmas weather - 08christmas weather - 09christmas weather - 02 by you.

christmas weather - 03

christmas weather - 10christmas weather - 04christmas weather - 05christmas weather - 06christmas weather - 07

and now the blessing of home has welcomed us.  we’re grateful for family (even if we were only together on skype). we’ve been cleaning and sorting our nest.  making room for new treasures.

christmas home - 4christmas home - 2christmas home - 1

making room for the new year.

christmas home - 3

15 thoughts on “christmas blessings

  1. I have missed your blog!. Glad your back with such amazing photos, such amazing memories.

    And yes, Skype. It’s a poor substitute for actual physical contact, but oh so much better than the phone.

    love to you and yours this New Year.


  2. Wow, what a collection of pictures and memories! Was that Starved Rock you were at? I’ve been there and such a great place for family gatherings (my mom’s family is from Chicago and we met there a few springs in a row to celebrate my grandparent’s anniversary). You need to learn about the “Madison Oasis” (and so does Jen) when you come this direction and stop by sometime!


  3. i so love when the ‘blur’ is a positive one! just looking at the pictures made me feel full to the core of my being – so glad it was a wonderful time for you all!


  4. Oh what precious reminders of family time together!!! How Jon and Tricia would have loved to be with us in person as well. We are so grateful for safe travels for all. Thank you for capturing so many special moments with your photos. Love you.


  5. We relived the joy we had together with you at Starved Rock. Your pics have depicted it beautifully. Here is Omi. “Opi and I talked about you before these pics came, Naomi and we agreed that you are a beautiful girl, not only in looks but also in your character. I am so proud to be on that picture with you. I love to see you dancing across the room at your Opa and Oma’s room. Opi and I love you dearly.” Micah we love to play games with you and to watch you play chess. And Eliza, you treat little bear like a baby. You are all dears. We love you all so much. Omi and Opi.


  6. it felt so good to look through those pictures. i missed you. and your pictures. these were really good. they are always focused on the good.
    that feels nice.
    and relaxing to me. i felt my shoulders and neck unclench as i was looking through these. :)

    see you soon.


  7. It was fun to get together after Christmas. Seems like we got to spend a good chunk of time together that day, but I realize I didn’t get to ask you about the place you went with your folks and didn’t know that you saw Marley and Me over Christmas just like I did. Love your photos, as always.


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