well then.

color blur.JPG

there seems to be quite a bit of one step forward-two steps back.

light blur.JPG

i left the second advent candle burning all day so now i don’t have my appropriately varied height candles (and oh yeah, glad the house didn’t burn down). i thought i might buy a new candle and cut it part way, but that didn’t happen.

the crayons like these i was going to make for preschoolers flopped.

there were clever magnetic enlargements i cut apart as a fridge puzzle and put on the woodstove to try it out and then we made a fire forgetting they were there and they burned.

there are village people we put into little felt bags for each day of december and half of them got opened in one day.

the milk bath that was to be several separate scents got mixed all together (other than a couple small batches made by micah and naomi who said, “see! i knew we better make our own. she always mixes everything together.”

christmas bath - 1 by you.

christmas bath - 1 by you.

the christmas tree farm didn’t sell the lighted christmas balls i wanted anymore so she sold me the wires and they didn’t turn out. they were geometric instead of round.

the candle drippings like in the book “christmas treasures” simply didn’t work and now i have plates and plates of hardened wax. i googled and googled and can find no tutorial. hmmmmmmm.

the clear plastic bottles i bought on ebay to fill with dry lentils and treasures for each preschooler’s christmas gift still haven’t arrived.


so (deep breath) i’ve rewrapped the village people,
decided to enjoy the advent candles at church,
claimed the new scent of milk bath,
decided to make the treausre bottles for an end-of-the-year gift,
come up with something new for the preschoolers,
turned the two light balls into one round one,
given up on the candle drippings and magnet photo puzzles,
found a use for all the things i bought at target and didn’t know why,
found myself enjoying the lights,
hanging out in the basement,
the blooming cactus,
and winding things down in honor of the day that is coming.


light ball.JPG

christmas cactus bloom.JPG

basement life


however, there are butter cookies in the freezer waiting to be frosted. they. better. turn. out.

maybe it’s a good sign that my house is the one with candle left to burn?

houses.JPG by you.

15 thoughts on “well then.

  1. Oh my. No wonder I’m so lazy at Christmastime. I’m preventing personal failure. :)

    And I’m with Ang – I haven’t even decorated yet. Maybe today.

    I think it’ll all come out all right. That’s the Christmas spirit.


  2. Oh my goodness! You can’t say you didn’t try!! It’s so annoying when some things don’t turn out…and it’s so hard to know when to admit it and when to keep trying!!!! We can hardly wait to see you- and i hope some of that milk bath might be under the tree with my name on it!! And, in looking at your photos, I just realized that I never did set up Advent candles at home. And, so far, we have one wise man, 2 shepherds, 3 angels, 2 innkeepers, no Joseph, and a 4 year old Mary for the Christmas program on Sunday…..Ah yes!!!!
    Love you, Mpm/Oma


  3. what kind of plastic bottles….i could help you out i bet. my crafty stash is endless. :)
    i bought a whole bunch of plastic soap bottles a few years ago and my craft did not turn out. so i still have A LOT.

    let me know….


  4. I was laughing WITH you, not AT you, just to be clear. The Frankincense Vanilla Mint Orange Milk bath (by Eliza) is classic. Maybe you can squirrel one of those away for yourself.


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