uncle jonny

we were so grateful to have uncle jonny visit.  so sad that it was a death that brought him here.  may i be the kind of friend he is.  someone who will fly thousands of miles to be with a friend whose mother has died.

uncle jonny's visit - 1

my heart swelled at seeing my little brother who towers over me.  his gentle intention is beautiful.  his enthusiasm was a reminder of the joy we have experienced over the years.

uncle jonny's visit - 4

we set up dominoes to knock down, watched ukulele on you tube, taste tested, jumped on the trampoline (and off the counter), compared cat stories, and simply remembered who each other was.

uncle jonny's visit - 3

uncle jonny's visit - 2

we missed auntie tricia.  but the day after jon left, eliza said, “well, that’s okay because now it is auntie tricia’s turn to come.”

and now we listen to uncle jonny music more than usual.

christmas will be wonderful.

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