tree hunt

really this time could have been better. usually the rough spots fade and the photos remind me of the joy, but the irriation of this experience is still clear to me. none of it was bad or over the top, but so much of it could have been better. the ride was too long for the late afternoon funk. here we have hiding, pestering and hitting.

tree ride chaos by you.

tree farm by you.

it was cold.

tree farm by you.

there was a great deal of giddy defiance. kind of a keep-myself-warm-and-awake-and-not-fainting-of-hunger defiance. basically what we said to do, they did the opposite.

but once we got to the open, they had greater freedom. i suddenly did not care what tree we got, just as long as we got one.

tree farm-m's fave by you.tree farm-n's fave by you.tree farm-e's fave by you.

they (meaning all kids and jerry) DID care and there was plenty of “no! this one!” “how about this one?” “no. way.” “here is the PERFECT one!” “no. it’s. not.” all four of them are in this photo…

tree farm-can you spy the four of them? by you.

but we found one. we hunted and gathered.

tree farm-cutting by you.

this was the best moment. team work. yes.

tree farm-the hunt is over

tree farm-shaking it by you.

then some shaking and after a quick stop to pay and drink a warm one, eliza had to go to the bathroom. layers off and then on again.

tree farm-pit stop

home to more chaos surely intensified with the traditional coke, chocolates, egg nog, nuts and clementines. sunglasses (and so much more) on the tree. wow.


4 thoughts on “tree hunt

  1. Oh the hunt… that was always one of my favorite parts of Christmas! The three sisters bickering about the pick, the first tree always being the favorite, and the 45 minutes that followed… just to make sure we really found the best. Wonderful, wonderful memories. Your kids will have that too, the bickering fades away over the years… only the happy memories last.
    Alas, now allergies mean we “pick” our tree out of the corner in the basement every year. I truly miss this part of Christmas. Thanks for sharing yours with me.


  2. really, it just amazes me when you speak of difficulties and disobedience, etc. Thank God, when we get to spend time with them they seem like so impossibly angelic compared to so many children. :)
    Find peace that opposition and arguement is not what comes to mind when I think of those 3 awesome little people! ;)


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