the lost has been found

the camera that was lost/stolen over a year ago has been found.  one of jerry’s student’s dad has a shop downtown and the camera had been sitting there since october 2007.  it seems as though someone (i insist it wasn’t me, though) set it on a speaker (the dad was the sound guy that night) and he took it back with him.  looking through the photos they figured out it belonged to us!

oh, it was like finding a roll of film in the back of a drawer.

evening show

corn boy

son and mama

dancing feet

micah • abram love - 1

micah • abram love - 3

micah • abram love - 2


the timing is glorious.  my replacement camera (the exact same model) has been dropped twice at preschool and i had to hold down the power button to take photos.

i feel like i got a new camera again.  gracious.

12 thoughts on “the lost has been found

  1. You know, it’s stories like that… along with all the sweetness and light in your photos… that just makes me think we’re all going to be alright. There really are happy endings to be had :-)


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