thanks be

busy house by you.

please do not be deceived. there has been a lot of grumpiness here. a lot. and days slipping by with many things undone. but joy too. we’re eager for advent to begin. eager for the food at the farm tomorrow.

"just like our house".....?!?!?!?!?!?!?

eliza found this picture and said, “oh, just like our house.” really?!?!?!??! i like the dirty fingernails contrasting the “perfection.”

puzzles by you.

we have a couple big puzzles out which has been surprisingly successful (given a 3 year old in the house). this thrifted one is hilarious to me. and wrong.

picture perfect

may we all experience the kind of care exhibited here: i imagine an old grandma writing the numbers on each piece after the first completion!

numbered puzzle pieces

we’ve been remembering how to play checkers and then read instructions to learn how to play chess. we didn’t realize that daddy already knows how, so watch out.

go, daddy!

for one of micah’s homework assignments last week he was to make a list of things he was thankful for. naomi and i were sitting with him and i think were both surprised when he started. we expected indiana jones and star wars, guns and pocket knives, candy and pop. instead:
thankful list

when naomi asked if he was going to write our names down, he looked a bit confused and said, “no! i don’t have to, you live here!”

may it always be so…loved and thanked for simply living together.

2 thoughts on “thanks be


    This post is amazing. Every picture makes me want to be with you. So touching how Micah listed family. I love his “accurate” spelling! Chrisha (like Chicken. chatter, charm…) Wonderful.

    How we would love to be with you today. Instead, we’re heading to Chicago to ride our bikes along the lake. The sun is out, which helps immensely.

    Have fun, be thankful — YOU GOT IT ALL!!!

    Much love!


  2. How adorable.

    I am grateful and thankful that uncle ladd, auntie “beree” and our sweet “balee” are on that list.

    I sometimes worry about what our impact is on your children’s lives, considering how little we get to spend time with them. I worry if they know how much they mean to us, even though we only see them once or twice a year.

    Knowing now that this family made “the list”, I am at ease. ;)


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