1st grade thanksgiving feast

1st grade thanksgiving feast

1st grade thanksgiving feast

1st grade thanksgiving feast


turkey that looked like fish sticks

reminders of the institution education is

1st graders telling details of their boyfriend/girlfriend relationships

1st graders telling details of war stories from iraq

1st graders telling details of the care they have to give because no one else is there

micah whispering to me that he’s sure all those things are lies

me knowing they aren’t

balanced with

micah eating all his green beans before anything else

teachers who were patient and slow

teachers who express their own sadness at the reality of life for their students

there being more than enough food

strategies to avoid medication to slow kids down…and it’s working!

getting coats to go outside after eating

children getting the grace of several chances

instructions to take our time eating and enjoy visiting with those around you

1st grade thanksgiving feast

choices, choices, choices are ours.

7 thoughts on “1st grade thanksgiving feast

  1. How was the food? Andy hated the “turkey.” And we do need to get on the PYO to get rid of that styrofoam! Glad you could cancel preschool and go! Enjoy today….should be beautiful!


  2. What a gift for you to be there. Thanks for sharing your reflections on the day. I had my own moment today of wishing some of the true things kids tell us are really lies. Sigh…


  3. i am uneasy knowing that:

    a.) first graders have war stories to tell, although so many families have been affected by this long and ugly war


    b.) first graders are thinking about “boyfriends” and “girlfriends”



  4. so nice.

    i am so glad you got to go. i bet he really loved that. maybe i should go to stuff at my kids’ school once in awhile?!! what a novel idea.

    he is such a sweet soul. i just love micah.


  5. We are glad we were included in school – fun time, etc. Grade one Thanksgiving dinner was a very special time … We are amazed at Mika’s list of people he was thankful for. Phonetically he was great! Keep gouing Mika! Naomi, we loved your question about being included in his list. Enjoyed Mika’s answer – ” You live here. Love your little fingers, Eliza! Bye for now soon we’ll see you at Christmas. Oma/Omee and Opa/Opee.


  6. I love the contrast between the positive and negative going on. And I am also glad you didn’t point it out to your tender child knowing that there are negatives in this world. It seems like they all learn that earlier and earlier in life than used to happen. Thank you for sharing your day!


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