i bought 5 bags of stuffing for making pillows.

i got started on the project sooner than i planned when i came downstairs to find this:

stuffing cloud

they were watching a christmas movie and i kept hearing eliza call:  yeah!  it’s snowing!  it’s really snowing! i thought she was just really enthused about the movie.  nope.

stuffing cloud kids

oh well, they helped me stuff pillowcases right after i took the pictures.

11 thoughts on “stuffing

  1. honestly, i told myself that if i was going to get the camera to take pictures, i was not allowed to be cranky.

    i got SERIOUS though that they had to help me stuff those pillows RIGHT NOW.

    day by day.


  2. Oh how lovely!!! This is one of those moments that will always be tucked away in their memories of pure delight. Thank you for capturing their joy in this photo.
    Love, Mom/Oma


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