i can’t deny that things can make me very happy.  the line of things, the color, the texture.  stripes and circles.  the worn corners of things. and oh, i am happier when these things are found at the thrift shop.  and oh, i am happiest when these things are loved by my children.

birthday chair detail

birthday chair

magic magnetic mary jane circa 1975

this magic magnetic mary jane paper doll is from 1975 (says the box).  each piece of paper clothing has a piece of metal scotch taped on.  under the metal it is written:  “use tape to attach metal”

mary jane's magnetic back by you.

plastic apple school by you.

shouldn’t every (plastic apple) school have a wood stove in the corner?

new game by you.

too bad that moments after this picture was taken sally ate the ring.

new game by you.

i’m about to move micah’s birthday flags to room.  these were so satisfying to make (which means i didn’t have to measure or iron or hem).

birthday flags by you.

on goes the balancing of finding joy in things but not needing them for joy.

7 thoughts on “things.

  1. What gorgeous photos. I’ve just been thinking about the same subject–what our stuff means to us, and why it takes on significance and brings us happiness; even while my instinct is to do with less.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog!


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