birthday memories

this dear child’s coming was such relief after the pain of miscarriage.


this dear child could not be without that experience. this dear child lived with a mama who was grieving and rejoicing, a mama who nearly crumbled under the complicated nature of life.

baby micah 2006 by you.

his birth was thrilling.  nearly born in the car after my insistence to stay home as long as possible.  i was fed clementines and noodle soup in the tub.  i was driven to the hosiptal pushing and breathing at the same time.  and he was so beautiful.

micah boy 2007 by you.

such a pretty baby.  dear child of mine. seven years of life.

my child who will always notice what could be better.

birthday crew by you.

my child who insists on fairness.

lunch line by you.

my child who loves gentle touch and aggressive play.

marshmallow shooter by you.

happy birthday, dear one.  this day to honor you and your coming.

football cake by you.

7 thoughts on “birthday memories

  1. Lovely post — Happy late Birthday Micah! This line “my child who will always notice what could be better.” . . . wow, I have one of those too. My second born as well. I love the way you worded it because it makes it sound positive . . .seeing things better isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes I worry that she focuses on what is dissatisfies her, but seeing what could be better . . . yes!


  2. Everytime I think of Micah’s birth I imagine Jace & Naomi “giving birth” in our basement.
    “It hurts! Get it out!” Naomi
    “You’re almost there. Keep breathing…” Jace

    It’s like it was literally yesterday. I was laughing, crying, and calling you all at the same time.
    Either too many babies or a little too much TLC “Baby Story” – they were positioned quite accurately. :-)


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