jerry’s creation:

jerry's creation by you.

for those of you who know him, this is no surprise.  for those of you who don’t, this is exactly who he is.

helping. by you.

we did a bit of family work time which was really jerry working fast and me trying to keep the kids involved and not fighting. ugh.

ticked. by you.

i wasn’t planning on catching this moment, but naomi is understandably ticked.

ticked. by you.

bless her heart, we see that expression so often.  oh, onward.

4 thoughts on “leaves

  1. My heart breaks for her a little – knowing how often her works are reworked by her siblings. And then I laugh because, even though I can’t see it, I can feel the huge grin on Micah’s face at the prospect of plowing through that pile of leaves.


  2. oh my
    thank you! this gave me a giggle
    especially after i went and looked at ne
    in the pic before – so happy
    and then such an instantaneous change!
    that look is soooo familiar
    it’s comforting that it’s not just mine!


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