halloween. over.

we had the joy of many friends and much that was sweet.


naomi is “the world’s messiest dress up closet” and micah is the shorter ninja.

don’t look too hard for eliza…she isn’t in this one. the child was a cat, a cheerleader, a pony and a ballerina. i don’t have photos of them all. here’s a tired pony at preschool:

tired pony at preschool by you.

now we’re all tired.

rotten smile

and maybe a little rotten.


and i am so very sad that we never got a halloween family picture. though we would have needed a few because the girls and jerry each changed their costumes at least once. i dressed up 5 times. i’m ready for something new.

witchy mama

4 thoughts on “halloween. over.

  1. I know, I wanted a family picture too….we have to remember to do that next time! Trick or treating with you guys was my favorite part!


  2. don’t feel too bad about the family picture – i didn’t get ANY pictures of my kids dressed up this year. i just wasn’t feeling the camera that day. what a shame – i’ll regret it years from now when the kids ask me what they were for halloween at ages 5 and 8.


  3. I wonder if we got any. I haven’t checked the camera yet. I mean, it probably wouldn’t be the entire family in one shot, but maybe at least you and Jerry. I’ll look after school today. (btw – we found Eliza’s costume, I’ll try to remember to bring it tomorrow.)


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