someone’s in the kitchen

IMG_1793.JPG by you.

micah knew how to help with this.  while this was matzo ball mix, it was very much like opa’s griesnockerl soup (impressed i could spell that, oma and opa?  i googled it).  it was nice to make a supper that he would actually enjoy (because most nights i make disgusting food).


handwashing turned bubble play.


and wow. please.  help me.  i’m trying to be whole and healthy making bread when all of a sudden there is a PAIR OF UNDERWEAR flung in it. wow.


this loaf didn’t turn out as well.  you know what i’m blaming it on.

8 thoughts on “someone’s in the kitchen

  1. You know the secrets to light and fluffy matzo balls, right? Or rather, secrets….

    – don’t bother adding oil.

    – the package says to chill for 15 min, but it sets better if you get it colder – an hour or two if you can.

    – don’t form the balls with your hands. Scoop with a spoon or two, so that you don’t mush down the balls. Dense balls pre-cooking make dense cooked balls. (this is the real key.)


  2. Hey – you Newtonians! We can hard;y believe that we will see you at Christmas … In the meantime we look at you from many different angles – We won’t forget what you like like. You have so much fun!!! Hey, Kristin. Are you aware that your blog switches to German … I have no idea why this happens?!
    Love you all so much!


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