soccer boy.JPG

my dear father-in-law smiled his smirky smile and said, “hey…you’re an official soccer mom.”


it is not to be taken for granted when friends teach your children.  micah is in soccer again with coach aaron.  it’s fun to see him nervous and cautious until he knows exactly what to do.  he really loves it.

hydration and the word.JPG

with books eliza took along (some lighter reading than others) naomi was the entertainment for the little girls.  also not to be taken for granted.


bis sister n.JPG

at one point eliza was calling for her buddy ava to come closer so she could take her picture (i gave no direction other than she had to stay on the blanket).  look at this!  i think she lucked out.

ava by eliza.JPG

3 thoughts on “soccer

  1. oh yes – sporting events would not be nearly as enjoyable without older siblings! *and since mine are all playing, it is the older siblings of teammates that i am grateful for!*


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