where my heart is…

i want to live each day and be keenly aware of my center.  of my heart.  i know how it feels to have my spirit so light i feel it in my throat.  and some days it’s there.  and some days it’s not.

i’ve cooked four suppers in a row, from scratch and it is tiring (i KNOW this is a regular gig for many…i think i used to enjoy it more).  so finding this picture of a lunch out with jerry last weekend had me smile.


these might be the best french fries i have had.  i love french fries.  i don’t love meat.  so when i ate this cheeseburger and loved it, you know it’s good.  i have several sources for good ones.  now adding another.

uke lessons by you.

i used some birthday money to buy myself a modest ukulele.  because what i really want to do is be ms. ella jenkins.  i want to sing my little songs at preschool and strum along.  i hope it will be easy since there are only be a few chords involved.  thanks to this site i am getting very familiar (and sore fingertips) with my first three chords.  i even turned on an ella cd and played the c chord everytime she did.  good times.

and thanks be, my heart is here.

working mama.JPG

i find myself able to do things at preschool that i have missed for the last few years.  we’re doing journal time every day.  i find the children extending concepts beyond my lesson plans.

floating egg 0809.JPG by you.

i see them problem solving and making connections without my guidance.  i love the feeling of going in to the classroom in the morning and preparing a space for them to learn by.

play doh eggs 0809.JPG

and when it happens, i am light.

8 thoughts on “where my heart is…

  1. As soon as I read “Ella Jenkins”, I could hear Miss Mary Mack in my head. Oh I miss my preschoolers and the music and I miss feeling I am light in that context.

    You go girl!

    Kathy b


  2. Hi, Kristin! It is good to follow you through your blog… Your photos, musings, analysis and colors bring you very close. As you continue to show us how and who you are we wrap ourselves around you and yours … God is close and He is blessing you. We pray for Love and Peace for all of you! We enjoy being well … We miss you very much. Omna/Opa/Omi and Opi.


  3. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I read this post yesterday and CRAVED burgers and fries until we went out for supper. I couldn’t think of a place that made nice skinny fries like the ones in the picture, though. :)


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