fall fest - turkey named tom

we’ve had a wonderfully full weekend celebrating my life, the season of fall, and friendship.

fall fest - star leading

i am so grateful for friends that show us a way out of the mundane…when we are saved from the details. we’re now nurturing a sick micah…surely the lack of sleep and brownies didn’t help.


and my delight increased this late afternoon when i realized i was in the same room with all three kids and WE WERE DOING THE SAME THING. thanks to our digital converter box we have a new pbs station that was playing old kids shows. so in the midst of a mess we made little clay eggs (for preschool), let the incense smoke swirl around us, laughed that sally had the whole couch to herself, watched zaboomafoo, and it felt like old times.

5 thoughts on “relief

  1. Friends are so good. I am forever grateful for mine too.

    Well wishes to Micah and heightened immunity to the rest of the family.


  2. I mean no offense, but a digital converter box?

    Your stubborness (is there a more appropriate word) for the modern makes me wonder who you all are even more than I already sometimes do.

    Not in a “what the hell is wrong with you” kind of way, but as a sister-in-law married to the tech savy man of the family, wondering your reasoning. :)

    Hope you all are enjoying Fall as much as we are!

    Love to you all. :)


  3. Bri, hear my reasoning: because we don’t have cable on all our tvs and because jerry can’t help his cheapness, this digital converter box will 1. simply let us watch tv in a few months and 2. hopefuly work well enough to lose the $13 cable bill.

    : )

    see, it makes sense.


  4. I just read this post and the one before (with the ice). How’s this for dorky: I saw the first photo in this post and thoght “what a fowl picture!” (and cracked myself up).


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