i am a dork

ice baby.JPG

1. because i put the bags of ice in the car seat

2.  because i mumbled to myself, “huh, an ice baby.”

3. because i chuckled at myself (and i was alone)

4. because i started humming some vanilla ice

5. because i took out the camera

6. because i am smiling and humming again listening to you tube (and i am alone again)

6 thoughts on “i am a dork

  1. “alright stop! collaborate and listen!
    ice is back with a brand new edition….”

    or somethinglike that.
    it’s just what popped into my head.

    and that little sound that goes through the whole song….ding ding ding da da ding ding.

    :) i am equally as dorky as you.
    word to your mother.


  2. Dear Kristin we remembered your birthday in Austria. We became aware again how very special you are in our lives. You are a gift from God! With all my love Oma!


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