thirty five

i’ve had to do the math in my head a few times to make sure of my new age.

birthday year

yes, thirty five.

birthday  bouquet by you.

this day has been full of brilliant light…starting with it gracing our 7:45 stop at the big kids school.

birthday mama.JPG by you.

i have felt carried along by routines and friends. there hasn’t been a moment to wonder what to do. and i know that is a gift. a tremendous gift.

birthday skirt by e

birthday card by n

birthday card by m

with flowers and donuts and drawings (apparently i am a person with really short black hair…at least i am smiling) and laugh-inducing preschool moments and pizza in the sun and gifts that give me hope and songs sung to me and fire and incense and needing to be in the sunshine to not be cold and chocolate and diet coke with lime and anticipation, i have been reminded of the goodness.

birthday flower

i told a friend recently that what i want out of my relationships (and all of life, really) are reminders of the goodness of god. help me see heaven on earth. i’ve seen it today.

thanks be.

edited to add:

i just did a facebook quiz and found out that my true age is 8.  not sure how i feel about that.

14 thoughts on “thirty five

  1. Oh Happy, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful day to be in our state and enjoy such beautiful weather with such a joyous celebration. Enjoy every moment of it! (And I think the True Age Test is wonderful — I think any good preschool teacher and mom should at least have a part of her that feels like she’s still under age ten!)


  2. we talked about you many times today. annie did not want me to forget it was your birthday! sounds like it was lovely.
    and aren’t you glad you are 35 not 45….

    those pictures are so sunny.
    that makes them happy.
    happy birthday.


  3. Happy Birthday — I’m glad it was a wonderful day. What a great thing, to be reminded of the goodness of God in those we have relationships with, and those we don’t.


  4. Happy 35th, you get to enjoy it 26 days before me, you will have to tell me how it is!!!
    Hope you had a great day!!!
    October Rocks!


  5. happy birthday!

    i just had to join facebook to take that quiz – i’m 32 going on 13. sounds about right. i knew i was stuck somewhere in my teenage years.


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