fall weather, the season of my birth


ncfc retreat 08 - 2

the cleverness of children (especially when my spirit is free enough to enjoy it)



nut cracking

cool weather clothes (or not…eliza hates jackets much less coats…goosebumps don’t mean cold)


e fancy dress runs.JPG

the sun turning our dining room golden (and being home to see it)


the thrill of guiding groups of preschoolers

shadow walk 0809.JPG

i look at this picture and like to imagine myself holding on, being led, in the sunshine, with others, to some good place.

i think that’s how it works.

4 thoughts on “loving…

  1. I love fall, too! It’s the whole breaking out the long sleeves, getting cozy, making pumpkin stuff, building fires, drinking hot cider and eating powdered donuts on Saturdays on a morning break of raking leaves (very strong tradition in my family), etc, etc.

    I’m with ya!


  2. I was feeling a bit dark this evening. Leave it to your blog to raise me back up. Thanks. :)
    The last photo is fantastic. You could publish a book of photographs – no joke.


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