not cozy

i hear from my older two very often that our house is not cozy.  they miss the wall to wall carpet of our old house.  they miss that there were only two bedrooms.  they miss that there was no separate room on the main floor.  they miss that they could slide down the stairs like a crocoldile (again, because of carpet).  they miss that our porch was so small we closed off the opening to the steps and made it our fort.


do they miss that simple home or do they miss those simple days?  those days when we all slept in one room and had toys in the other.  those days when we all played with the same toys.  those days when we were small enough to fit on a pizza box to slide down the stairs.  those days when it was entertainment enough to sit in the porch fort with library books and a baby on the blanket.

i miss those too.  deeply.  i grieve the loss of that stage more than i realize, i think.


so i am determined to make this house more cozy.  it is big.  it has more bedrooms than we need.  it has beautiful wood floors.  it has high ceilings.  it has a big porch.  i am so grateful.  and i am prayerfully determined.

5 thoughts on “not cozy

  1. As the saying goes “it takes a lot of living to make a house a home”….it is probably the experiences they have fond memories of rather than the house itself.
    I’m sure with the passage of time, there will be plenty of cozy times to be had in your bigger house, wooden floors and all!


  2. I remember seeing an Oscar short movie about a photographer mama who took shots of her kids on urine stained beds, all manner of free play, scenes of wildness, joy, desolation too. The photo of Eliza reminds me of her. I wish I could think of her name. A tender look at a moment in life, accepting what is right here and now. And I would certainly agree that if you want to bring more sensory coziness into your home that will not be a hard task.


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