a flippin’ good time

winfield  explore (sepia).JPG

we had an amazing weekend at the bluegrass festival. i had a long list to get ready and now i have a long list of everything to remember for next time.

we are thankful to friends for having us join their traditions.

winfield lydia.JPG by you.

winfield mud puddle.JPG by you.

i missed my brother deeply and could hear his music in my mind. i missed my childhood as i heard songs and saw strangers that looked so familiar. i cried at concerts (no surprise to some, i know) and clapped harder than i have in a long time. i moved myself front and center so i could hear nothing but the music.

winfield stage 2 (bw).JPG by you.

i also threatened to leave my kids home next time if they complained once more. i was so hot i worried i wouldn’t make it if it was a truly hot september. i was sore from sleeping on the bare tent floor since we forgot one of the thermarests. jerry and i got very cranky at each other in the stands of stage 1 (a sort of side show for those behind us).

winfield wildcat.JPG by you.

but i fell in love with my wildcat loving husband again and rejoiced at my kids’ enthusiasm for music.

winfield stage 4.JPG by you.

winfield cuddle.JPG by you.

winfield mama and daddy.JPG

i had a moment that i used to dream about…that i would someday have children of my own. that i would take them to the festivals of life. that i would be the mother of sweaty, sleepy children. i got it.

winfield sleepy eliza.JPG by you.

winfield hot naomi.JPG by you.

winfield nap.JPG by you.

too bad there was a wave of flippin’ bird flu that is still making its way (dad, you would have gone home in fear of throwing up). not knowing it at the moment, micah threw up right after this picture was taken.

winfield sleepy micah.JPG by you.

we thought it was the turkey leg that micah and ben were gnawing on, but it’s moved beyond those two. five down so far. at least is moves quickly. bless y’all.

winfield flowers.JPG by you.

we loved the nearly non stop fire, the flower bouquets, kid built forts (way to go, boys), silly tricks…

winfield bouquet contest.JPG by you.

winfield silly e.JPG by you.

winfield cozy.JPG by you.

winfield  fort.JPG by you.

so much work but such a truly fantastic time.

winfield burn.JPG by you.

winfield work.JPG by you.

winfield camp.JPG by you.

winfield cleaning up.JPG

so now we dry out, rehydrate, plan for another time, and get used to lights and toilets that flush. eliza’s response for things like washing her hands has become, “but i didn’t do it at windyfield.”

winfield drying out.JPG

5 thoughts on “a flippin’ good time

  1. Kristin,
    All I can see are the first photo and the marshmallow-in-pocket photo, but they’re beautiful. Yes, you are the mother of kids who take in the festivals of life.


  2. my parents took us to this festival at least once. i think we complained too much and we didn’t get to go back. my dad went without us. :)
    i have to say that the camping thing looks….exhausting.
    especially with the flu.


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