here comes the sun…flower

sunflower  - 4

it’s amazing when there is a road near your home that is forgotten.

sunflower  - 1 by you.

and when you are on it, you remember being a teenager and walking down it to find a quiet spot to do things that teenagers do.  and your husband shakes his head at your stories and says, “that’s why kids should be in sports…to keep them busy.”  maybe we’ll have our own in-house experiment in the next years.

sunflower  - 2

we rode our bikes through a near-tunnel of sunflowers.

sunflower  - 3

the sun was low, the dust was high.

sun naomi

too bad we got home and realized that eliza’s fever was over 104.  she’s much better today.  without medicine, only slightly warm.

fever in the trailer

4 thoughts on “here comes the sun…flower

  1. oh, those sunflowers are a gift to all you kansans. i remember them, so. i’m glad you embraced them with your bike ride.

    and eliza — amazing, the body’s ability to heal itself at times like those.


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