while writing lesson plans for tomorrow, i heard some neighbors screaming and crying. words thrown about child support, whose house it was, who had the kids last, who has to work two jobs instead of one, and on and on. the babies were crying. door were slamming. i held the phone ready to call for help. and all my own frustration and exhaustion melted away.  the picture got bigger as i began praying. praying for something much bigger than i knew what to ask for. but that we can all be keenly aware of the god’s peace. that while the shit flies, god’s power is stronger. that we can access god’s calm to make decisions. that we can trust in god’s hope for each moment.


it’s quiet across the street. quiet in my house (except for my tv companion and sally dog making a mess of acorns someone drug in).


and i long for it to be deeply quiet in my spirit, in my husband’s spirit, in my children’s spirits, in my friends’ and family’s spirits.


(these photos are for you, leia…micah fell asleep today on the horse from the thrift shop)

6 thoughts on “perspective

  1. These are very sweet photos of Micah, who holds a special place in my heart even though I don’t know him well. Amen to the sermon. Amen, sister.


  2. Oh my dear,
    I know all too well that sick feeling in the gut when conflict swirls all around and we pray and ache and wonder how to help bring enough calm into the situation to allow for the possibility of re-birthing hope and forgiveness. May our spirits and homes and streets be given the gift of deep quiet tonight.
    Loving you,



  3. I find your blog moving and deep, they leave me thinking “you are a person I’d love to get to know.” I wonder a few things? Are you Mennonite like me? Are you related to a Canadian? I used to have an Opa and Oma – so that leaves me thinking German (Russian?) I’ll keep checking back – you inspire me…you are so creative. Do you publish your writings? You should. Val


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