goodbye and hello

it was a rich weekend…nearly ruined balanced with a family with each member trying to meet his/her own needs which happen to be very different.

sammy's moving day

we said goodbye to dear sammy checkers (also knows as sam-bone, chex mix, s.c., chubby). he’s on his way to boston to live with a new family for good.  we’re so glad someone wanted him.  though naomi did admit she wished she never knew him if we had to give him up.  oh, it’s hard work.

goodbye sam

loving sammy

loving sammy ii

we loved him up as we waited for his ride to get here and cried when he left (except for micah who cried earlier in the day and then looked at us and said, “if you had been sad earlier you could just ride bikes now and be happy.”)

we were invited to a zozobra party and got rid of all our bad mojo.  i wish i had photos.  i was fed with an opportunity to help build a huge puppet, fed incredible spinach enchiladas and spicy meat, fed with the reminder of friendship.

rocks for renee ii

we welcomed a friend as the new pastor of our church.  she has a wisdom that will surely bless us all.

rocks for renee


e's ride

we stopped and picked pears from friends’ trees.  the perfect solution to the previously mentioned cranky kids who probably needed a snack.  we only spilled the load twice.

reaching for pears

pear my ride

now i greet monday with a cold.  eliza too.  four days of preschool will do that to you.

sick e

7 thoughts on “goodbye and hello

  1. Awwww, I wish it wasn’t so hard to say “goodbye.” What a gift Sammy has been for you, and now also for someone else. You’ve had so many changes this month already! Here’s to hoping things settle down a bit.


  2. Man, I second that Auntie Bonita, there is never a dull moment at your house! I’m so sad to see Sammy Checkers go. What a hard but memorable lesson for your sweet kiddos. By the way, I have always thought “Sammy Checkers” was such a fantastic name, any chance I can employ you guys to come up with something equally clever for the new babes?


  3. What a full weekend! We need to catch up a bit for more details. How were those pears? In the picture you are picking from the not-as-good tree. Maybe that’s because it’s getting hard to reach the good ones on the other tree.


  4. Goodbyes are tough. I agree with naomi. I had a similar experience with 2 dogs growing up. Only we weren’t fostering them. They really were our dogs.

    Hope the healing of the loss moves quickly.


  5. oh my – life lessons
    micah’s response made me smile
    so much like one of my own
    as did ne’s – also like my own

    and eliza’s first day of preschool
    brought tears to my eyes
    as i remembered…
    and imagined how it would be now

    missing you!


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