eliza’s first day

reunited preschool friends
if i wasn’t eliza’s preschool teacher, i bet i would have processed this a few days ago. instead, i just realized that i hadn’t (and want to) carve off a little of the preschool experience as hers…not mine or ours.

red on red

so here is the official preschool girl:

preschool mug shot

she has been very excited to go and glad to have friends finally there with her.

new preschool friends

one day i found her crying in my office (where she is allowed to go when she likes).  she was feeling scared and didn’t know what to do.  first days can be like that even with your mom there…or even more so when your mom is there and not available to you?

preschool journal

she says her favorite thing is the journal she got and picking something out for show and tell.  next week we bring apples.  i wonder what her teacher has planned for all those apples?

3 thoughts on “eliza’s first day

  1. Oh I so miss those first days of Preschool in September now that I’m a retired teacer/director. I follow your blogs to get my fix of what is now missing in my days. Thank you.

    Kathy b


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