defined self

preschool apron by you.

i’m settling down after the first day of preschool and sorting through hundreds of photos taken since i last posted (seriously).

naomi style by you.

insence by you.

and oh, this task is so much more pleasant after a generous gift of a new computer from my parents.  amazing.  thank you again.

new shoes by you.

i met my morning with a sense of calm.  a sense of purpose.  and i met my afternoon with a late lunch in bed with eliza.  and a bit of ahhhhh came over me as i remembered the feeling of everything having a place and time.  some plates can just stay in the kitchen til their time comes (and by the way, they are squeaky clean). it’s been rough finding our way apart from each other.

watch your children by you.

lunch in bed by you.

hose left on all night by you.

lots of tears and horrible tantrums.  me doubting all my parenting abilities…me questioning the life choices we’ve made to spend most of our days in different spaces.

micah catches air by you.

naomi catches air by you.

but after a baker’s dozen of preschoolers that were as sweet as sweet can be, after rain and cool air, after a post-supper backyard fire, after listening to the republican national convention and becoming even more determined to hope instead of fear, i am feeling more defined than divided.

fire boy

canada for obama by you.

forts by you.

monster cookies by you.

project suitcase by you.

defined by hope.

4 thoughts on “defined self

  1. i’m so glad to have more of your pictures back — such great glimpses of life. i cannot imagine the struggle with micah and school. blessings to you. i got the tiniest taste of resistance, and i immediately started questioning it all. you’re doing amazing things for your kids (and lots of other people’s kids!) every day.


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