for omi

for omi

for omi,
i’m sorry your foot is hurt like mine.
i don’t know how you hurt it.
i jumped off the picnic table.
i want to tell you about my foot.
i want to tell you i got an xray.
it hurt.
my foot doesn’t hurt now.
about your foot, i don’t know what you should do.
maybe go to the doctor.
i think the doctor will give you an xray.
that is it.

i love you,
eliza irene

One thought on “for omi

  1. Dear Eliza!
    How did it happen? I tried to help Opi find his keys, I hooked on to the shopping cart wheel and fell into the closet door. I hurt my arm so badly that I did not notice any other pain. Every evening my left foo would swell very much. So, last week I went to the Pan Am Clinic and had X-rays taken. Mine did not hurt. to my surprise my anklelbone was broken. I had walked on it for a few months… I did not know that it was broken. Now I wear an aircast which I can remove. It should be better pretty soon! It does not hurt too badly. I am soooo happy yours does not hurt. LOVE YOU SO MUCH – You and Naomi and Micah, as well as your Mom and Dad. Your Omi and ofcourse your Opi!


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