new bike for the cat lady

i got myself some new wheels and passed mine on to naomi.

llama mama

half way to the bike shop naomi exclaims, “ollie is in the car!”  we were already 15 minutes from home and ollie was a great distraction for unhappy kids.  but it was hot and we FOR SURE did not want cat pee in the car, so we carried ollie with us in and out of every store.

cat along for the ride

all i could think is that people must have thought we were one of those families….that i was one of those ladies.  it could be worse, i guess. ollie did great and got about 4 hours straight of holding.  the kids were thrilled.

cat at the bike shop

my new bike still works for hauling the trailer and using myself as llama or pack mule for my friends.  jen buys me treats to haul her load.

llama mama

the amount of stuff we have hauled home from the thrift shop, library and grocery store is pretty amazing.  today annie said, “woa.  i don’t know if you will be strong enough.” (that is a picnic basket type cooler full of stuff…i stopped at the grocery store yet too!)

llama mama

annie, i was.  tired, but strong enough.

5 thoughts on “new bike for the cat lady

  1. we have a friend in colorado who never had any kids, but used a bike trailer like this to haul all the stuff he picked up at garage sales and re-sold on ebay. this post reminded me of him!


  2. Either you’re tiny like the bike or the picture is slightly odd! New bikes are so much fun. Heck, old bikes are so much fun. Next you’ll have to get an Xtracycle (not sure if you’ve seen mine on my blog?) which is even easier to carry such large loads. You sure had a lot in that trailer! Love the pictures as usual.


  3. oh so funny.

    i bet you were sweating!
    i decided i need a back pack…my bag was driving me crazy on my bike.

    so much fun yesterday. thank you . my day went so well with some grown up time.

    and i love the picture with micah holding the cat and lizzy’s cast and dress. love it!
    looks like LIFE magazine.


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