splint stint

eliza in splint

we’ll keep this splint on for 3 weeks unless it is determined that a cast is needed. eliza is amazing in how she navigates medical experiences…quiet and persistent “i don’t want to go” statements to shy smiles as we enter the building to blowing her whistle in the waiting room to full blown “i am not scared one bit…i am a big girl” statements and being fully cooperative. when the technician thanked her on and off for holding still, eliza would say, “you are WELcome.”


then i nearly blew it by reminding her that big girls can be scared.
that big girls can cry. blah blah blah.

eliza xray

regardless, she hobbles like a pro.

eliza in splint

7 thoughts on “splint stint

  1. oh sweet girl – i am ever surprised that we don’t have more of this at our house (knock on wood!) may she heal quickly and need no more! give her xtra hugs and kisses from us!!


  2. Hi Eliza ! You are our girl!!!!!!!! I, Omi Irene, am also sporting an aircast on my broken ankle… So we two Irenes, need to heal. We love you sooooooo much! We hope and pray your foot will be well very soon. Omi and Opi.


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