when i was a teenager, i would make lists and lists of things i loved.  going through pictures from the past week i am reminded of things i have loved…in their simplicity and complexity.


this 50 cent tin of treasures from the thrift shop.

auction bound

the amazingly cool and wet weather…here we were auction bound and came home soaked.


finding perfectly symmetrical lego creations by micah.


cuddling sammy checkers.

sammy love

those puppy paws show how big he’s gonna get!  i am so eager for someone to fall in love with him and take him home.  he is so sweet.

sammy paws

corn evening

eating corn on the cob. on the table. with free-for-all butter.

baby love

baby love.  getting to wear my sling again…and remembering how i can do anything in it.

skate shoes by you.

going to the thrift shop with friends.  jen and meg, these shoes-that-become-skates-with-the-push-of-four-buttons were a hit.  and you can bet i made a firm rule to not make fun.

noodle sculpture by you.

pounding stakes in the ground and pushing noodles on for a noodle sculpture.  why are we doing this? asked the kids.

sibling rivalry

and i shot this picture of the kids fighting. again. and i can’t help but notice the glow around them.  perhaps the angels are making themselves known.

9 thoughts on “love

  1. i love that last picture…
    it makes me think of my zachy
    lately when we are driving in the car at duskish time he will randomly exclaim
    “angel, momma! i see a angel!”
    i don’t know what he’s seeing (he has a tendency to confuse words – like he couldn’t remember the name for McDonalds so he called it dot-com – yes, like .com) maybe it really is angels…i like to think so!


  2. Our patio table looked the same yesterday except there were five kids trying to sit up there! The dog helped clean up by licking up the smooshed butter and chewing and eating all the left over cobs. Corn on the cob is so yummy.

    Sammy Checkers is way to cute. He’s going to be a big dog!


  3. Oh how I love these loves of yours! Lauryn was so impressed by the noodle sculpture that she ran to take Owen from his piano lesson (it didn’t take much) to show him how cool it was. He was pretty impressed too. But his favorite was Micah’s “Star Trek” lego creation. Very cool.


  4. i too love finding symmetrical creations made by my son, whether legos or drawings. it amazes me how their little minds work.

    love the noodle sculpture too – very clever.


  5. I love lists too — they make me feel more in control of my time (hahaha), and I LOVE your noodle sculpture, that is so cool! You do the neatest activities with your kids. And, your apron — too cool. I just got some vintage aprons from my brother and I can’t wait to wear them :)


  6. i never told you how much i loved you noodle sculpture. :)

    have you seen the huge roosters on main street down near the tracks by you?
    i told craig “i think our yard needs that” he laughed.

    but how fun would look just sitting by the trampoline?
    it would look goo in your yard too.


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