summer’s end…

summer's end

our entire beings seem to revolve around this new reality.  many more tears from micah.  many smiles, too.  much doubting of what i haven’t done well enough to give him the confidence to move through this more easily.  but i know, i know that children are who they are.  they are not only a reflection of our parenting.  i am working to shift my thinking that this doesn’t have to be about me. please.


it is so much easier for me as a preschool teacher to help families through this.  to help them know how beautiful it is to see a child want his mother.  to reassure them that this is part of why we do preschool in the first place.  to give the promise that i will hold that child, that i won’t let them stay sad for more than a few minutes.  to approach the conversation of what the family’s goal is for this experience. i feel like school is school.  and that my kids better hurry up and get comfortable because it’s not slowing down.

but again, micah is blessed with an amazing teacher.  in a first grade way she is helping me, she is reassuring me.  in a first grade way she is holding him.

naomi pencils

dear naomi is still gleefully settled with her new teacher.  the glory of the day was finding out that they can bring snacks to eat whenever they are hungry…as long as they are healthy!  oh my.  glory be.  i am elated.  such a simple thing that helps me trust her basic needs will be cared for.  even homework on the first day was received well…how long will that last we all wonder.  and glory be again…homework wasn’t a worksheet.


homework table

and then, by the way, off this very picnic table eliza jumped.  it was my idea as an alternative to jumping off the front porch over the bushes.  well, she landed wrong.  on monday we went in for xrays that came up clear.  the nurse called back yesterday that the xrays weren’t clear after all and please don’t let her run or jump.  we went in today and she is in a splint until another xray next week.  then she’ll keep the splint for a few weeks or move up to a cast.

thankfully we had an evening at home with brats, salad and homemade ranch (thanks, jen) and sol beer on that same picnic table still in the front yard.  sweet abe came by with his parents and off to the park with the dogs.

sammy checkers

now everyone sleeps and my kitchen is clean.

• • • • • •

and thank you for your kindness in my knee jerking.  possibly the most helpful thought is that these are maybe just spam comments, not some guy actually reading my blog…that makes a little more sense, i think.  i’m feeling comfortably hidden in my small piece of blogland.

3 thoughts on “summer’s end…

  1. i appreciate your view of school as a part of life we need to get used to. i’m having to shift my perspective on this as school outside of the home is now a part of our life, even if it is not my preference. i hope micah settles in soon, for his sake and yours. it is so true that our children are who they are, and not solely reflections of their parents. thank you for sharing your life with us despite evil spam.


  2. Makena starts her fist experience with preschool next week and I can see her childhood flashing before my eyes. I think I’m going to blink and she’ll be in high school. Scary.


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