oh, my children are blessed with kind and amazing women as teachers.  so why is the angst still so great?

2008 2009

i finished an hour tonight of caring for a crying micah.  it came down to him saying he was afraid he was going to get in trouble.  i know how well he did in the classroom last year, so i assured him he knew what to do and we weren’t afraid he would get in trouble.  he said, “but i always get in trouble at home and you and daddy never believe me.”

well.  humbled again.  this dear child is hurting and we are on a new road now. we had a great conversation of what we can all do to make it better.

micah joy

naomi is settling in deep to a calm classroom…a teacher who appreciates that.  i am so grateful.

and eliza is making her list of all the things she will do when she is 4 which now includes going to first grade and fifth grade.

4 thoughts on “school

  1. coffee time was great…i would have loved to talked even more with you and jen…

    annie wore abby’s skirt all day. :)

    i was nervous for sean all day too. and i hoping micah does well so you and i both don’t end up homeschooling. what an adventure that would be.


  2. it is just amazing to me that micah can remind me of both timmy and christopher at the same time! i am always so glad when they can be brutally honest with us so we can see the world as they do, and try to make it better for them! hugs to micah and to you as you again travel this rocky road…we have a few more weeks before we must begin…another new for us – cj has a male teacher…i can get nervous if i think about it long enough – wonder where he gets his trepidation about all things new! :) just remember it’s all about growth!


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