my knee hurts

i think i had a bit of a knee jerk reaction there.

maybe not.

either way, i can’t find an easy way to password protect a wordpress blog…so, i have decisions to make.

but as i wandered through my bloglines tonight i felt humbled at all y’all out there doing the same thing…writing and taking pictures and sharing lives…and maybe i’m not as vulnerable as i felt.

so, let me nurse my knee a bit and see what i can figure out.

in the meantime, school started and there are stories to share.

thanks for keeping up, friends and family.

7 thoughts on “my knee hurts

  1. So many comments to share:

    1) I share your uneasiness about all of my personal life out there for everyone to find. I’ve generally kept my blogging friends to a small list, so I think that helps, but still, I’m somewhat dubious about the situation too. I have no answers to that one — I’m constantly trying to figure out where my boundries are online.

    2) Boys & guns, children bickering, demo derby, helping them see their awesome place/role in this world — yeah, I’m pretty baffled at how to do that too. I’ll think I’m doing well, then they’ll make a comment that makes me think “geesh — THAT’S the example I’ve been setting for my kids?” Again, no answers, just empathy. I hear ya, loud and clear.

    3) And school — Amen to that post too. I’ve got one rumbling around in my head that will eventually find its place.

    Thanks again for your honnest view of life. Helps me take stock of mine, and keep things in perspective.


  2. re: spam

    I was getting spam comments until I added one of those boxes with the squiggly letters. Then they pretty much stopped.

    re: creeps

    I just wish they could find other ways to occupy their time.


  3. jerky knee understandable…your experience prompted me to put some restrictions in place that i hadn’t had before (blocking search engines, etc) to try and help reduce the random wanders who don’t need to be there…hopefully your knee will heal, and your soul as well, and you will find a place of comfort!
    on a whole nother thought – sometimes i wonder if we bickered/were mean to each other as kids more than we remember…i try to remind myself of those times, not to make it ok, but to try and make sure my expectations are realistic – we know they’d be happier, for instance, just letting go of the fact that their brother destroyed their legos for the thousandth time, and rebuilding, but to them it’s the end of the world and deserves retaliation of the most severe kind!


  4. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better about things. I find it’s not always easy to put myself out there for all the world to see but I do enjoy blogging enough that I’ve added different post levels so I can control what says more private.


  5. i’m just playing catch-up on your blog and yikes! scary – i totally understand your reaction, knee jerk or not. i hope you find a solution that works for you and your family.

    glad to hear that you’re all settling in to your new school year.


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